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pag ghunghroo baandh khesari lal - Pagalworld
Pag Ghunghroo Baandh Khesari Lal
New Bhojpuri Song
Time :4min 26sec
mann bharryaa 2 0 shershaah b praak - Pagalworld
Mann Bharryaa 2 0 Shershaah B Praak
Official Music Video
Time :4min 38sec
sg dj snake ozuna megan - Pagalworld
SG DJ Snake Ozuna Megan
New English Songs
Time :4min 2sec
habit sidnaaz shreya ghoshal - Pagalworld
Habit Sidnaaz Shreya Ghoshal
Official Music Video
Time :4min 41sec
aila re aillaa sooryavanshi daler mehndi - Pagalworld
Aila Re Aillaa Sooryavanshi Daler Mehndi
Time :2min 41sec
chura liya sachet parampara - Pagalworld
Chura Liya Sachet Parampara
Punjabi Songs
Time :4min 31sec
zindagi tere naam amit trivedi rashmi rocket - Pagalworld
Zindagi Tere Naam Amit Trivedi Rashmi Rocket
Bollywood Song
Time :2min 37sec
main tera ho gaya yasser desai - Pagalworld
Main Tera Ho Gaya Yasser Desai
Official Music Video
Time :3min 24sec
cream rabaab - Pagalworld
Cream Rabaab
Punjabi Songs
Time :3min 57sec
chalte firte emiway ft swaalina - Pagalworld
Chalte Firte Emiway Ft Swaalina
Official Music Video
Time :2min 17sec
jodaa afsana khan ft mouni roy - Pagalworld
Jodaa Afsana Khan Ft Mouni Roy
Official Music Video
Time :4min 52sec
o yaara dil lagana sanak stebin ben - Pagalworld
O Yaara Dil Lagana Sanak Stebin Ben
Bollywood Song
Time :2min 43sec
tu milta hai mujhe raj barman - Pagalworld
Tu Milta Hai Mujhe Raj Barman
Bollywood Song
Time :4min 17sec
garbe ki raat rahul vaidya nia sharma - Pagalworld
Garbe Ki Raat Rahul Vaidya Nia Sharma
Navratri Special Mp3 Songs
Time :3min 37sec
sher diljit dosanjh - Pagalworld
Sher Diljit Dosanjh
Honsla Rakh
Time :2min 39sec

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naach meri rani guru randhawa - Pagalworld
Naach Meri Rani Guru Randhawa
Guru Randhawa Songs
Time :3min 43sec
mere wala sardar full new punjabi songs 2018 - Pagalworld
Mere Wala Sardar Full New Punjabi Songs 2018
Panjabi Hits
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naino ki jo baat naina jaane hai   - Pagalworld
Naino Ki Jo Baat Naina Jaane Hai
Romantic Song Ever
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taki taki (dj snake) 2018 - Pagalworld
Taki Taki (Dj Snake) 2018
Official Music Video
Time :3min 52sec
dj snake - let me love you ft. justin bieber - Pagalworld
Dj Snake - Let Me Love You Ft. Justin Bieber
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Yo Yo Honey Singh Makhna
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Bonde R300 Oh Nanana Kondzilla
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nikle currant (2018)  - Pagalworld
Nikle Currant (2018)
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7up madras gig -  orasaadha  vivek - mervin - Pagalworld
7up Madras Gig - Orasaadha Vivek - Mervin
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tera zikr - darshan raval  3d audio   - Pagalworld
Tera Zikr - Darshan Raval 3d Audio
3D Audio
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justin bieber - baby ft. ludacris - Pagalworld
Justin Bieber - Baby Ft. Ludacris
Top 100 English Songs
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dilbar  - satyameva jayate  3d audio   - Pagalworld
Dilbar - Satyameva Jayate 3d Audio
3D Audio
Time :3min 5sec
dj snake taki taki official 2018 - Pagalworld
Dj Snake Taki Taki Official 2018
Official Music Video
Time :3min 33sec



The world has been on a standstill because of the emergence of the new coronavirus pandemic. A lot has been happening, people have had to stay indoors to safe guard their health and others have also lost their jobs along with many other negative effects. In various industries, people have come up with means to ensure survival despite these crucial times. The entertainment world has been no different. People have had to stay indoors and it gets boring with time. People have also had to miss out on shows because of the virus but as it is said “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. It got very boring at a point when people had to be locked down so challenges were created to help kill the boredom. A lot of these challenges stood in for the outdoor entertainment shows people missed out on. People also had to miss out on shows where they would have met their various star crushes and favorite musicians. These musicians also had to find a means of livelihood and ensure they kept their fans alive by organizing virtual concerts which is no different what the PagalWorld platform does.

Music is very important in our everyday lives. Music makes us forget lots of our problems and also serves a major source of entertainment. When musicians realized they could interact with their audience via electronic media, it became very popular. PagalWorld is no different from this innovation as it also provides you an avenue to watch all your favorite Bollywood songs, videos and the like. Though virtual concerts have taken a very unique form, it has varying advantages and disadvantages compared to using PagalWorld. Boredom is a killer and as such so many people will love to relieve some stress of by watching videos and listening to their favorite artiste. There are many reasons anyone could possibly opt for the PagalWorld Platform in place of a virtual concert.

Virtual concerts though they bring satisfaction because it may be organized by a favorite musician or superstar is very expensive. Majority of the time, one will have to pay to participate in these concerts. The concerts sometimes do not start on time and can waste your internet data. These virtual concerts came to replace face to face concerts but in a time of economic hardship like this, PagalWorld is doing a much better job. There is an advantage of these virtual concerts all the same. The One India concert organized in May 2020 was a platform for raising funds to help those that were severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The concert was a form of entertainment as well as an opportunity for people to showcase their generosity. Concerts such as these are one out of a thousand as many superstars do live performances for their personal gains. PagalWorld is cheaper to use as you can download free music and videos of your favorite artiste. PagalWorld is a very useful tool in these times and can help you save so much money instead of paying for virtual concerts. Although some musicians decide to go live on several social media platforms to interact with their fans, the main aim is to grow followers on social media and be relevant even in these difficult times. The virtual concerts do justice for some people as they have the opportunity to kill boredom and satisfy the need of having enjoy outdoor concerts. A lot of money is also spent to for stage and other equipment which is a total waste because there are music videos that could be promoted instead of doing live concerts.

Virtual Concerts are comparable to watching videos on PagalWorld and so are a waste of time. The amount of preparations that have to go into an online concert is not worth the time. It very time consuming and in these Covid-19 times is not worth the risk. The bands that have to come together to rehearse face a high risk of getting the deadly virus. There are so many other people that have to work tirelessly for these virtual concerts to be a success. The virus we talk about here is a very deadly one and no one deserves to be affected because of a virtual concert. PagalWorld uploads the best of Bollywood songs which in this case is also helping kill boredom during this pandemic period. There are a lot of trending videos and music you can listen to on PagalWorld. The menace virtual concerts pose cannot be compared to the advantage it comes with. The greater advantage is usually to the musician or superstar organizing such an event. The platform PagalWorld provides gives the opportunity to also have the experience of enjoying your favorite entertainer online. The music is also up to date and you have the opportunity to enjoy these music and videos by downloading them. Though the virtual concert gives the opportunity to control corona virus by having fans stay at home, this cannot exclusively outweigh it negatives. Virtual concerts also just do not waste the time of organizers, but also does not come with the freedom of enjoying the show as you have to ensure you have sufficient time to enjoy the show. In case of a power outage or any inconvenience your money even goes waste.

Concerts will always attract large numbers of people. The virtual ones do not have capacity to accommodate all people that would have come for outdoors ones. This gives an impression that virtual concerts really do not even match the value for money PagalWorld offers. During virtual concerts there may be disruptions that may avoid you from getting quality sound. Sound is very important in concerts so when the is such a setback you don’t get value for your money. Sometimes because it is a live recording and the use internet is involved, you may be challenged with a lot of technical issues. These events are even sometimes recorded and after the event placed on YouTube for free which is not worth the risk at this crucial time of our lives. PagalWorld offers you value for money because you are at will to download and listen to music at whatever time you desire. The platform is worth jumping onto this Covid season to enjoy hustle free entertainment. PagalWorld has the best Bollywood entertainment videos you will love to watch at your own comfortable time. PagalWorld as part of its good works allows you to download your favorite ringtones. There is so much value you get for the money or time you spend on PagalWorld. Money is very hard to come by these days so having to pay close to the same amount as an outdoor concert is outrageous. The free ones are just like streaming from PagalWorld and is not worth the risk of contracting corona virus. We are all responsible for ensuring everyone is safe so using a medium such as PagalWorld for entertainment is very commendable. It is highly commendable that a platform that which offers value for money is promoted and everyone is encourage to enjoy its reasonable service.

Pagalworld is a very unique platform where all you need to be entertained resides. In a world of endless stress and problems, finding a very good means for entertaining yourself is very important. Virtual concerts usually do not even give you the liberty to interact with your favorite superstar or entertainment icon. The is no clear-cut difference between a enjoying a video on PagalWorld and watching a virtual concert. PagalWorld is a very good platform for enjoying good content.

Virtual concerts can never replace outdoor event or concerts, it is just a means of getting revenue in these trying time by popular tv stars and celebrities. It can be argued that doing

online school and business is also like virtual concerts. In my opinion, this narrative cannot hold. Schools and businesses are so structured that a long halt or pause may affect it so badly so continuing online in a less risky environment is very acceptable. Businesses are a means of survival and play a vital role in our everyday lives. These business supply food and other basic amenities so it is expedient they work during these trying times. Online food vendors and other vendors have really been helpful during this pandemic. Virtual concerts can be done are away with for a while and rather musicians and celebrities can promote music and videos via platforms such as PagalWorld. Entertainment is necessary but is not so vital to want to risk so much for. These fans are reasonable humans and will also understand when there are no concerts because lives are at stake. Entertainment shows can be held every other day so far as there are humans alive to witness it.

Let everyone prioritize PagalWorld website and its convenient service it provides, the platform is truly commendable and you can enjoy all your favorite Bollywood music and trending videos from there.